Thank you for your visit.

I don't read and write English, and there are many unnatural English sentences.
I'm sorry that it is not easy to read.

This site is BOMB's offial site.
BOMB is a puzzle game.
(It won the SHUWA system prize in HSP Contest 2004.)

An operation method and a new stage are open to the public to this site.
However, they are being written in Japanese.
So I try translating.

At first, new stage files can be read in even English PC.
But author's comments cannot be read, so you may not be able to read them.
In that case, you can play this game.

Second a detailed rule is written here and refer, please.

It's objective is to destroy all green blocks.(Ex.)
When you push the Left mouse button, special details (which has red arrows) activate.
After it's active, the blast flies in the direction of the arrow.
The blast green blocks where blast is hit are destory.

Gray block is wall(KABE in Japanese).
KABE can stop blast all the time.

Yellow block is strong block(SIBUTOI in Japanese).
SIBUTOI can stop blast at first, and changes to green block.

Dark green block is dangerous block.(DAIBAKUHATU in Japanese)
When DAIBAKUHATU is hit by blast, game is over.

When you push the right mouse button, you can put special details on screen.
Special details are in the upper right of the screen.
When right mouse button is push at first, leftest special detail on screen.
At this time, should the blank there.

But if it is Empty detail, should not the blank there.
It can erase one block without DAIBAKUHATU.
It is the above.

If you have a question, send me mail please.=>